Itris Automation nominated for the Automation Inside Awards 2019

octobre 22, 2019

Itris Automation have once again been nominated for the annual Automation Inside Readers’ Choice Awards. This global voting competition covers the major innovations and best products in automation technology.

Itris Automation has been nominated for Best Automation Company and their collaborative static analysis tool, PLC Checker, has been nominated in the category Best Automation Software.

You can read Itris Automation’s entries below and vote for them here. Voting is now open!

Best Automation Software

“PLC Checker is a static analysis tool which automatically analyses PLC programs and comprehensively verifies their compliance with a set of coding rules, that can be generic (i.e. PLCopen coding guidelines) or specific to a company, industry, process, or norm. It provides a collaborative environment online which allows all project stakeholders to follow the progress of their program’s development and quality.

Using PLC Checker replaces the need for manual verification tests, which take a considerable amount of time and which do not provide the level of quality required. Thanks to PLC Checker, it is now possible to systematically adopt coding standards and thus to ensure consistency between programs while ensuring a certain robustness and readability of the application.

PLC Checker can be used for audits, code reviews, controlling compliance, and controlling program quality.

PLC Checker supports all five IEC 61131-3 languages and several different PLC makes and models (Schneider Electric, Siemens, CoDeSys…).”

Best Automation Company

“Itris Automation, a Schneider Electric company, is a software engineering company that provides development tools for the verification, conversion, documentation, and troubleshooting of PLC codes, no matter the make or model, to complement the programming tools of international PLC vendors. Thanks to their advanced technologies, Itris Automation helps companies improve development processes and thus deliver higher quality programs in shorter timeframes. The Itris Automation team are experts in software quality and coding standards, and they have combined their knowledge and skills to provide innovative solutions for the industry.”

Voting is now open! Vote for Itris Automation for Best Automation Company and PLC Checker for Best Automation Software here today. You have until the 6th December.